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[PREDATOR's TRAINING]                * 1 REVIEW *
Type of level/mod: Jedi Knight Multiplayer
File size:  

Level/Mod Author: 
date release:n/a


reviewer nickname/name:Gareth_Wolfbro
date reviewed: 12/5/99

       This is from what i can tell a a forest base for Predator...(duh the name!hehe)
well. It has sleeping area a medical area..three main fighting areas that i can tell. 
is a nice little lvl to have saber battles. I really like this level. Its a great addition to
you JK levels.

What I like:
 The Pics of Predator on the walls, The Arch., the ammo placement.

 Well i know this is picky but in some areas its a cloudy sky and some it has
stars outside the window! One more thing is there is some CMP probs.


TEXTURE:1-15 points:     This level got a [13]... some textures were a little off
                                        but it was for the most part great.

ARCH:1-20 points:            This level got a [19]...the arch here was great. nothing amazing but 
                                        the arch fit the setting i loved it. I gave it a 19 because there was
                                        only one thng wrong. good job.

GAMEPLAY:1-20 points:  This level gets a [19]...The game play is pretty good no frame rate probs.

ORIGINALITY:1-15:        This level got a [13].....the training level thing is not to original. But 
                                        with the theme of this training area it is very original ;).

AMMO/PICKUP PLACEMENT:1-10: This lvl got a [10]...the pick up placement was great

OVERALL:1-20:              This lvl got a [17]....This a is a great lvl for ppl with a love for small saber
                                        levels. I recommend it

Total:#/100 :                     this lvl got a [91/100]!

*Download rating :%]        [92%] 

*download Ratings*
0-51%=not even playable
50-65%=needs help..BAD
66-80%=needs some work
81-90%=ok lvl
91-97%=a great lvl